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December 31, 2006


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Bush is the PR disaster of the year (repeat winner). How this guy ever got elected is beyond me. Oh, right. He had some help from the Supreme Court. Can we just fast-forward to the next election and all promise to pay attention this time?

The continuing mess of U.S. policy in Iraq was certainly the PR disaster of 2006. Forget about the non-existent WMDs. If the intention is to root out "terrorists", it's a failure becuase more are joining the anti-U.S. cause than are getting "rooted out" (i.e. killed). The military battles are failures but even more so it's a PR failure because instead of winning over the hearts and minds of the Arab peoples with the example of a flourishing democracy, the U.S. is acting like a bully. No one likes a bully.

How about a nomination for Pope Benedict XVI? He could go in either category for his Regensburg address. One would think the Vatican PR machine would anticipate the zealous muslim reaction to one quotation taken out of context and edited it out accordingly.
However, one could argue the Pope made a solid recovery and applied "force for good" when he explained and expanded but did not back down from his original quote. He followed up his principles with a diplomatic trip to Turkey, again explaining his beliefs without infuriating his audience.

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