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December 18, 2006


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The first Dell 2.0 link is broken. The new location of that story is here:


Hi Jon
Our apologies for not commenting when you posted this in December. Being off for the holidays and a slower pace likely contributed to our oversight in not catching your blog until now.

Appreciate your putting forward such an interesting idea, while also linking it to Dell 2.0, and Dell's roots -- direct relationships with our customers. Most thoughtful and considerate of you to think of Dell and offer the citizen journalist idea.

We cannot commit to anything right now. However, you you have caught our attention and imagination...and also our consideration. As we plan for the year ahead we will certainly give your suggestions further consideration.

In the meantime, just want to also note the value Dell places on interactions like this one. Your "open letter" is why you find Dell actively conversing with bloggers. Dialogues like this, every day, contribute to our learning while also furthering what we are all about, the direct relationship with customers.

Hope you had a great holiday. Thanks again, on several fronts :-).

Freedom award for citizen journalists!
Good idea.

I fully agree with you, Jon. Millions thanks for bringing forth this ssue. CPJ should reward the CitJs. Keep it up.

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