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December 06, 2006


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I believe it will become increasingly apparent that winning reputational momentum is a company's greatest capital asset, and that effective reputation management (first, doing the right things; secondly, engaging with customers with open, honest communications) WILL lead directly to bottom-line success. Advances in measurement (including reputation in a company's "marketing mix model")are showing the direct connection to revenue.

I enjoyed your articles (Can I call them that, or must I use the word "blog?" :) Reading them I got a sense of many Euro companies and their approach to business - or at least PR. When I think of green companies I think Euro. When I think about "carbon footprints" (and I must admit I don't do it often!) I think Euro.

Is the Force for Good akin to these models? Can it hope to gain a foothold in US corporations without DIRECTLY improving the bottom line?

By the way...I loved the Goebbels reference.

are you sure you want to go to a Joesph Goebbels reference?

That's exactly what I'm going to talk about in my blog. It's all about THIS: transparency, honesty, integrity and social responsiblity. But it also is about claiming thought leadership -- and that means pushing your company's leaders to stretch beyond the traditional bounds of your business. The rewards of this thought-leadership directly relate to business success as customers and other stakeholders associate "leading-edge," "thoughtful" and "winning" to your brands' identity. People want to do business with thoughtful, winning companies.

What kinds of "actions" do you suggest to help with obtaining a better reputation for PR?

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