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January 30, 2007


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Great tutorial.

To continue the idea about a text based SEO, I give you now Aaron Wall's words:

"On a philosophical level it also makes sense that search engines want to index richer content. The web is a series of incomplete thoughts. The more search engines can make people write in depth high quality content that provides complete answers the more they improve the value of Google. Search engines will try to push people toward writing more well thought out essays rather than empty me too cut and paste posts."

That's another clear answer to what the SE need. I think that we could go on like this forever to reach the same conclusion: "the pen is mightier" :)

I agree with Mihaela's prediction that web interfaces will become simpler yet more sophisticated. I really like the way Thinkmap's visual thesaurus works, and I feel that its design would make a really cool search engine.

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