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February 07, 2007


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I seem to remember mention of an EU discussion on the classification of site content, similar to film classification.

The idea was to help filtering software, but it is only one step further to add the requirement that those with an adult classification keep their content behind an age restricted password barrier.

This is a solid idea that if developed in a positive way will undoubtedly create positive results. With the mis-guided and confused youth present in our great country someone has to take a stand. We need a group of leaders who are ethical to help pave the way.

Ryan Tooley

Two logos are already available for your review at http://bloggerpower.wordpress.com/artwork/ - We've decided to create such a page because everyone is making efforts to help. This blog (http://bloggerpower.wordpress.com/) is still in the development phase, but I think we'll have a press release as soon as everything is clear.

Good ideas. Clearly we need to emphasize that we are not trying restrict free speech. And Mig and I are totally in agreement on the need for a instantly regognizable logo that bloggers can post proudly on their sites -- we are reviewing logo proposals right now, Mig has some very talented artists. We'll make the logo available soon!
- Jon H.

Might I suggest some kind of advertising to get people to join this cause. A blog logo/advert which people can put on their websites that will link back to this site, or wherever you have it. Whilst reading this great article I was wishing to add a logo/advert to my own site.
Good luck with it, I'll be back.

This might seem strange, but I am reminded of the campaigns in the west about securing land for redevelopment, today farmers, environmentalists and developers all sit down together to figure out a workable plan. Is there a way to develop your plan so that you don't get a backlash claiming you are trying to restrict free speech? If you could do that your efforts might be even more effect. Just a thought.

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