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April 11, 2007


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while imus is an idiot that i wouldn't consider listening to before, i do think that he was sacrificed to this weird little list of untouchables: Black, gay, and Jewish.

(Hear the howls?)

Why is it that these three groups cannot be spoken against? Look no further than the media to see the pandering. Please don't get me wrong, I don't want to see hate anywhere, however, I'm fed up seeing someone with a differing point of view (from this trio) get screwed whenever he opens his mouth.

Whoopi Goldberg recently listed examples of why Imus should be fired: Jimmy the Greek, Al Campanis, Rush Limbaugh, and a couple of others. Her point was that since they were fired than Imus should also.

She never mentioned Isaiah Thomas (racial comments about Larry Bird) or Jesse Jackson, or Tawana Brawley. None of these people were fired, or even disciplined.

I recently listened to the dedication of Daniel Pearl's place on the Holocaust Memorial. (Forget the ridiculousness of the honor for a moment) The speaker gave the same boilerplate about "never again." But what does this mean?

"Never again" applies only to the Jewish people, and so is less a statement of justice and love as one of nationalist determination. If not, then where were the Israeli troops (And legions of Jewish volunteers) in Rawanda, Cambodia, and Darfur?

Everyone can agree that what Imus said was wrong. That's not the problem. The problem is that no one can DISAGREE without fear of losing a job or something worse.

If the rule of thumb is "that the more oppression a group historically has endured, the more off-limits it is" than we must be prepared to endure longer periods of warped reconciliation and growth.

(And since when did "thumbs" become such experts on rules anyway!:)


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