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May 16, 2007


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When I saw the name of the company my mind jumped. Who would ever name their company after SATAN'S pet. I'll bet behind closed doors these idiots parade around in cloaks dancing around a pentagram.(lol) I am going to make this a personal project to watch what these people do. Will Chrysler change their logo to an upside-down star??

Heather: You are spot on. In the news conference announcing the deal, Cerberus' John Snow spoke of how operating under the radar screen of public scrutiny can be a competitve advantage.

Quoting the Wall Street Journal: "Cerberus's chairman, Mr. Snow, said at a news conference at Daimler's headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, that Chrysler would be better served outside the public glare of quarterly earnings statements and analyst commentary. 'Our approach is fundamentally long term,' he said."

As you point out, the automotive press in Detroit is quite aggresive. Chrylser may not have to post quarterly earnings, but they will have to respond to media scrutiny. We'll see how that dynamic works out. I'd put my money on the media to find enough sources within Chrysler to keep the heat on.

Fascinating - I've been pondering the impact on PR of private equity ownership over the past few months, but not yet posted as I haven't really come to any conclusions. I feel that such organisations will have a closed culture and tend to use PR tactically rather than being more open (as is required by public listing) when PR needs to ensure more dialogue and strategic counsel. Do you have any thoughts?

Automotive companies generally have to be relative open as they face a very specialised and investigative media. So it will be interesting to see how the Chrysler ownership works out.

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