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June 21, 2007


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That's the true spirit. Not a lot of companies are willing to show what truly happens caught in those mini spy cameras.

Genuine endorsement via word of mouth can be both good advertising and public relations. Real advocacy is the best marketing any organisation can have.

But professional communicators should remember they can and should, only help support or stimulate word of mouth. It is ultimately down to individuals to determine what they pass on and how they choose to do it.

Too much contrivance in this area seems to go against the credibility that is gained by the power behind someone finding something of interest and wanting to share it with friends, colleagues or other contacts.

In fact, it can go full circle and be passed on for being dreadful.

Much better to focus PR and marketing activities on having a good product/service in the first place than simply on clever techniques to try to force word of mouth.

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