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August 21, 2007


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I read story about Crisis communications experts universally panned Murray’s rantings as “callous,” “damaging” and “not helpful” to the families of the trapped miners.Murray insisted that an earthquake had caused the mine collapse, then doggedly held to his theory despite all evidence to the contrary. Seismologists concluded that the collapse itself had caused tremors detected in the area.Six families are left wondering if their loved ones are still alive at this moment just waiting to die with no idea that we've given up.



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I read your column in the Salt Lake Tribune. Great analysis. I agree that many people in Utah have accepted Murray's "candor" and lie-riddled explanations. However, I believe it's mostly due to the culture here that preaches uniformity, conformity and, above all, acquiescence to authority. Murray's invocation of "the Lord" halfway through his meltdown also struck a chord. Anyone with any intelligence saw through his pandering. Things are different in Utah. Maybe Murray is crazy like a fox.

Even if the miners couldn't be saved, Bob Murray could have done something special in this moment. I found his early news conferences to be candid and heartfelt. He seems a likeable, hard working kind of guy who people could rally around. And he constantly reinforced that the safety of the rescue workers was paramount.

I found his concern to be genuine and similar to that of Bill Ford during the Rouge explosion and aftermath.

But after the incident that took the lives of three rescue miners, I kept waiting to see Murray, who sent out a VP to handle the media from that point on. Too bad.

The time to protect oneself from the inevitable lawsuits comes later. Perhaps the pressure of this situation was too much for him.

In the face of a national tragedy like this, people look for leaders to help them understand it and get through it.

Murray wasn't up to the task.

In this case, we're left with no closure. Six families are left wondering if their loved ones are still alive at this moment just waiting to die with no idea that we've given up. And three other families wonder what their loved ones died for.

This is truly a unique tragedy.

i think that bill murray should have charges brought up to him for all the people that have been killed in the collapse

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