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December 15, 2007


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Loser of the year...The American public.

At least now we can answer the Bush Administration's version of the "Chicken or the Egg" riddle. For years we have been arguing, "Are they malicious or stupid?" Ms. Perino has settled the issue.

Somewhere along the way we decided it was better that we "like" a candidate for President, rather than be impressed by him/her. Good hair and whiter teeth supplanted a good mind and a clear vision.

They in turn have decided that it is better to appoint govt workers who are socially/religiously like minded. Competence be damned. So we end up with W, and W hires Ms. Perino, and one day she will be touted as an esteemed expert who worked in the Bush Administration (Or at least she would have had it not been for all those mean missiles or whatever!).

BTW...The man all true Republicans wanted was Duncan Hunter. They didn't know it because Mitt has such perfect hair.

P.s. strangely and coincidentally enough, to probe above Aqua Teen point regarding the sort-of teflon-esque nature of their reputation please check the video in today's post in my blog

when you put them all together like that- bam bam bam, one after another, it is sooo hard to say which would be the winner- it is like a 7-way tie.
I still think the Aqua Teen incident was an overall positive thing for the film, though, attracting much more attention than they would've recieved otherwise.
Didn't see the taser incident on the list, though...


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